Learning to See Opportunities

I’m going to start a series of short blog posts any time I see opportunities pop up. Maybe they’re business opportunities, maybe they’re sales opportunities, maybe they’re investing opportunities, and maybe they’re job opportunities. Maybe they’re job opportunities than can turn into a business. So I want to start pointing out the ones I see in order to help you see opportunities on your own and in your own life.

An opportunity is any possibility of making a profit. 

In most transactions, one side is making money, the other side is paying it.  The goal is to see where these opportunities for profit.  A couple quick examples include:

– Mowing lawns or shoveling snow (depending on if you live in the north or south).  This would be a job opportunity.  Or if it gets big enough, a business opportunity.

– Investing in a new company that needs some additional capital.  This is an investment opportunity.  Good due diligence is needed to ensure any sort of return.

– Create an app.  Not the hardest opportunity to identify.  Coming up with the idea and executing it are obviously the hardest.

– Write a book.  Similar to an app, not hard to identify it as an opportunity, but writing good content and publishing it are not trivial.

– Buy rental property.  Yes the upfront cost is pretty high, but the long-term returns can be quite good.


The whole point though, is to start seeing opportunities as they exist.  Sure, having the time, skill, ability, or capital to seize the opportunity may be hard.  But you can’t even start until you learn to recognize opportunities.

What are some opportunities you’ve seen around you?